Little Stopper

I don’t often write blog posts on new gear but I got the opportunity to try out my new Little Stopper filter from Lee. I’m a big fan of the Big Stopper filter. I like shooting long exposures, as it gives elements in the scene the chance to move and hence allows you to show the passing of time. I know some can be quite snobby about this sort of effect but I gave up worrying about what other people think a long time ago.
The two pictures below are of Newhaven, near Brighton, which was not the seaside beauty spot my family and I were hoping for when we detoured there but I took 15 mins to grab these two shots while we were there. I was very impressed by the little stopper. I have made no alteration to the white balance in either of these shots, so you can see how little colour cast there is, compared to other ND filters stopping a large amount of light.

West Beach
Newhaven Breakwater
Shingle Beach
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